Play Flash Video on Galaxy Tab 3

As one of the top-end tablet pc, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 become one of the hottest tablet pc this year. This is a 7 inch flat device, which includes Ai-Ai and Ai-Ai + 3G two versions ,built-ins 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and runs Android 4.1. As for video function, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 can play full HD videos(1080P) with ease, the format include MP4, Avid, MPEG4, H.264,etc. To some extent, it is designed to play video. So, most users want to watch different videos including Flash videos on it, however, the Flash video (FLV/F4V) is not supported on Galaxy Tab 3. So if you want to play Flash Video (FLV/F4V) on Galaxy Tab 3, you need a video converter to convert them to the format it supports such as MP4. The FLV/F4V to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter can up to this job.

The FLV/F4V to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter is one of the best video converter in the world. It can convert Flash video to MP4 at quick speed and high video quality. The FLV/F4V to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter is a powerful and versatile software that can convert FLV/F4V to MP4 and other popular video formats such as AVI,MOV, but is easy to use. This guide will show how to play Flash video on Galaxy Tab 3.

1. Download and install the FLV/F4V to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter and run it on your Galaxy Tab 3.

2. Click the “Add” to import your Flash video into the FLV/F4V to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter.


3. Choose the output format. According to the experience, we recommend the MP4 format that is compatible with Galaxy Tab 3. MP4 format is the most widely used, and the video quality is good, but takes up little space.


4. Click on “Settings” to choose the Size as 1280×800 to fit the Galaxy Tab 3. In order to get the best effect, you must choose according to the resolution of the screen. Just the Galaxy Tab 3 screen resolution is 1280*800.


5. Click the “Start” button to start convert Flash video to MP4.

After the conversion you need to output the video. That’s all, and now you can play Flash Video (FLV/F4V) on Galaxy Tab 3. The FLV/F4V to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter will make you watch Flash video more easier and quicker.

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