Do you know VOB and do know how to play VOB on Android tablet? In this passage I will share you something on playing VOB on Android tablet.

The VOB is the abbreviation of DVD Video Object, which means the DVD Video Object. It is the key to the DVD on file, containing this is the actual data of the film. VOB file is actually a kind of basic mpeg-2 data flow, which means it contains multiple composite mpeg-2 video streams, the audio data streams (usually in AC3 format) encoding, and subtitle data flow.

Now ,you probable will have a little knowledge about the VOB, but when you browse the Android official website you will find that VOB format is not supported the Android system, so if you want to play VOB on Android tablet you need a VOB to Android Converter.

On the internet, there are kinds of VOB to Android Converter, but in my opinions there is a VOB to Android Converter that is very excellent software and easy to convert.

1. Click HERE to download and install the Windows VOB to Android Converter. It is very small and can’t take up too much space in your computer. If you are Mac user, you can free try Mac Android VOB Converter.

2.Add the VOB files that you want to play on Android tablet, you also can choose many files through click “ctrl” button in your computer keyboard.

3. Choose the right output format that suitable android system perfectly. This step is the most important and the key reasons that play VOB on Android is the format.

4. Set some detail things. You need to click the “setting”button you will set about the images and the sounds quality that the films you want to play VOB on Android tablet.

5. Now everything is ok after you click the “start” button.

With this VOB to Android Converter, you need to do 5 steps and you can play VOB on Android tablet and enjoy your VOB on Android tablet.

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